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gardening4Garden Seed Group Buy

We had a great group buy on our seeds. I've started planting mine and have some plants growing already. We ended up with more than 1.3 million seeds in our order! If you are interested in joining us next Spring, let me know.


The Little Powerhouse Solar Generator


Bulk Buys are still available for local groups at the following prices:

1-5  Regular price $45.00, Ready Preppers Price $39.95/each
6-39 $35/each
40-159 $31/each
160-319 $29/each
320-479 $27/each
480+ $25/each
Shipping: Will call in South Weber or Logan, or add shipping.
Willing to do special arrangements, please call, 801-643-9734

Call 801-643-9734 for details on how to get this group buy price for your local ward or group.



Video Training on how to use the Little Solar Powerhouse Generator

What happens at your house when the lights go out?

One UnitWhen the power goes out, if you have a Little Powerhouse Solar Generator, you will have light and the ability to charge up any small devices that have a USB Port. If the power stays out for days or for weeks (Heaven Forbid) your Little Powerhouse Solar Generator will continue to charge and allow you to use your devices without interruption.

Regular Price $45, Ready Preppers Price $39.95 each (Includes Tax and Shipping)

Bulk Buy Price as low as $25 each (Includes Tax, Pickup available in northern Utah)

Your group can purchase these generators for as low as $25 each. So get your group together to buy them at the group discount price. Contact us for details

How do I Join the Group Buy?

On the initial group buy, everyone will get the lowest advanced group buy price. We will then put up the item for additional bulk buys after the initial offering, which can be offered to other local groups. At that point, a minimum will be required to get the discounted price. If you want to be a representative for a local group, please let us know. You can also call to find out if there are any local representatives in your area that you can work with.
Call 801-643-9734

Think outside the box!

Local Groups to work with

  • Local Wards or other religious groups
  • Local Prepper Clubs
  • Neighborhoods
  • Prepper Facebook Groups

Check with family members before ordering!

  • These make wonderful birthday, special events or Christmas gifts to help your family be prepared for the unexpected.
  • They make an excellent Emergency Preparedness item
  • They fit nicely into a 72 Hour Kit.
  • Great for Trips to remote locations: camping, hunting, hiking, boating, working on vehicles

What devices operate on USB?

Many small devices are now using the USB. It has become very popular. More items are being created all the time with USB capabilities. iPad, Kindle, cell phones, diffusers, mp3/mp4 players, digital cameras, GPS, etc.. (Internet service or cellular service must be available separately to utilize all capabilities of Internet devices.)

Is one enough?

We think that at least two is wise!

  • You may want to have light in more than one area!
  • One can be charged while the other is being used and if one light breaks it will be important to have a spare or two.
  • Many people want several for a brighter effect in a single room or to service several different areas. It is an eyeopener to count the number of lights that you already have in your own kitchen, bedroom or family room and will be a useful exercise to help you make your quantity decision.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. Check your units upon receipt. It is possible that during shipment a unit may be damaged. Typically less than 2% have any issues. Within 30 days of your delivery, if there is a manufacturers defect, we can get a replacement light sent out.

Unit Includes

  • Solar Generator (includes hanger)
  • 3-way LED lighting option (Low, medium, and high beams)
  • 21 LED lights in each bulb
  • Energy saving light bulb
  • Requires less electricity (saving money on light bills)
  • Lights up to 20 hours on one full charge
  • The bulb lasts up to 50,000 hours (6 hours a day = 23 years)
  • Remote Control
  • The 2000 MAH Lithium battery holds a charge for 5 years.
  • Solar Panel and Cord
  • USB to Mini-USB rechargeable cable

Unit Features

  • Does not require a light socket to work
  • Charges with the solar panel, in a light socket or from a car or computer USB port
  • Works when electricity goes out as a regular light bulb in any lamp or light socket
  • Replaces a flashlight in the dark
  • Charges small USB electronic devices
  • Working index of temperatures of 122o Fahrenheit to -22o Fahrenheit

How Does It Work?

We have invited many people and organizations to participate in this group buy to be able to order the minimum requirement for the best price. In other words, when enough people pool together, everyone purchases for much less!

  • A representative collects the order and money upfront
  • The order is placed by that representative (single check or credit card)
  • The units arrive at the representative’s location
  • Everyone picks up their unit/s there
  • Each unit must be immediately tested for proper function
  • Return any damaged unit/s with all original components for replacement within 30 days of receiving them
  • Charge your units at least every 2 months.

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